Pushin’ the Button

push the button

There are lots of iconic, push the button moments that are scattered throughout our collective cultural experience. The Twilight Zone episode “Button, Button” comes first to mind. Then, Commander Scott beaming whales onto the hijacked Klingon Battle Cruiser in “Star Trek: The Voyage Home”, George Jetson complaining to Jane-his-wife about his over-pushed button finger, Slim Pickens mashing the button to open the bombay doors of his B52 in “Dr. Strangelove”, David Andrews as Lieutenant General Robert Brewster activating Skynet in “T3: Rise of the Machines”, and an 8-year old Julia Hsu in “Rush Hour” with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, screaming at a terrorist holding a bomb to “Push the Goddamn Button!”

We can all agree that after the 1950’s, pushing a button represented passing a point of no return. I am at one of those points. I have been working on a project for six months that, with the posting of this blog entry, represents a button pushed. It is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, discussions, website building, content accumulation, recording, proofreading, organizing and list building. In the end, I hope it contributes positively to this country I love.

Here’s the link – http://www.stateconstitutions.us. If you push the left button on your mouse, it will take you there.


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